Every business has a story.
Story Prose helps you tell yours.

We are professional writers and story tellers who know business. Story Prose helps you tell the story of what you do and the value you bring to the people who matter to you.

Story Prose helps you identify and share your strategic story – the powerful and meaningful experiences that reveal the purpose of your company. Stories convey emotion. They transport us to a time and place. They are memorable. And they pull us in.

We coach and consult. We produce original content.

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What We Do

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Do your words inspire action? Do your employees know your strategic story and the best stories to tell? Do you have the time and talent to tell your story well?

Story Prose helps you identify and share your distinct strategic narrative - the moving and memorable experiences that convey the benefits of your company and brand.

Story Prose works with you to discover and embed your strategic story throughout your organization. We help you uncover the real life stories in your company that reveal what you do best, help define the strategic story of your company, and connect your employees to it so they can tell it with confidence.

The end result is employees who can effectively communicate the meaning and significance of what you do.

We help you craft your strategic story and we produce original content that tells your story to the people who matter to you.

We Coach and Consult. We Produce Original Content.

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How do we do it?

We start by listening. We ask questions that help you recount the experiences that are the best examples of the value you provide. And we help you develop the skills to tell it.

Your strategic story is the key to

  • ... Inspiring others to take action
  • ... Being memorable
  • ... Elevating performance
  • ... Sharing and embedding values
  • ... Attracting and retaining customers
  • ... Enhancing your brand
How Story Prose Started | The Story Prose Story| StoryProse.com

Our Story

Our story began in the summer of 2012.
Mark Peres listened when a business colleague said, "I wish we could get our story out, but we don’t even know what story to tell. We're focused on our business. We don't have writers on staff. It's a problem, and I know we’re not alone."

Mark had an idea. His 25-year career as an entrepreneur, magazine editor, college professor and lawyer, gave him a broad and deep understanding of strategy and story.

"We can bring together exceptional writers and story tellers who know business and who can help companies connect powerfully with their audience." In the spring of 2013,
Story Prose was born.

Our Values and Vision

We value imagination and integrity. We seek to shine a light from within. We honor our promises.
Our vision is a world of excellence and innovation expressed in the stories we tell.

Our Advantage

  • We ask questions that reveal your stories and the best stories to tell.
  • We convey strategy in the form of a story that everyone understands.
  • We ensure delivery of a cohesive message to audiences.
  • We reduce your internal expenses as we can write more efficiently and effectively.
  • We are professional writers and story tellers who know business.
  • We leverage complimentary skills and take a team approach to projects.
  • We follow an editorial process that ensures quality.
Our Team | Story Prose Team | StoryProse.com

Our Team

We are story architects. We design messaging using the elements of story. We have years of experience in a variety of fields that enrich our work. Our mission is to help you tell your strategy well.

Mark Peres

Mark Peres


Mark leads our team and works with clients to ensure the best results. He has deep experience writing and consulting. He loves a good story and helping others succeed.

Kate Reutersward

Kate Reuterswärd


Kate is an international business communications specialist. She is a language consultant for corporations in the U.S. and Europe. Kate knows stories are universal.

Michael Solender

Michael Solender


Michael is a master story-teller. He works with our clients to craft story and improve connection. Michael believes that with understanding there is no limit to what can be accomplished.

Eric Davis

Eric Davis


Eric produces short-form video for business. He follows two production rules: 1) "Brevity is the soul of wit." and 2) "Be Prepared."

Elise Anderson

Elise Anderson

Social Media Specialist

Elise is a social media marketing specialist. She is an expert in Internet trends and messaging. Elise helps clients share their stories online with creativity and precision.

Chris Cureton

Chris Cureton

Graphic Designer

Chris is a graphic designer who assists with brand development and the visual impact of the material we present. Chris is fluent in the language of image and meaning.

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